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Raceflight ESC cover by Helimwyatt – Thingiverse

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Source: Raceflight ESC cover by Helimwyatt – Thingiverse


Project Cars Intro

Wow this game looks so nice, in the mids of recording a full playthrough with my Thrustmaster wheel, Shifter & clutch with cam, so stay tuned


ESC Testing – RC Groups

Measure the resistance through the windings of the motor in question. Since there are 3 wires for the motor windings you’ll have to get 3 measurements. If the motor wires were labeled 1, 2, and 3, then measure the resistance between the pairs 1&2, 2&3, 1&3. All of the readings should be relatively close to each other. If you have another motor that you know is working then compare it to that.

Source: ESC Testing – RC Groups


http://Is there a way to test whether or not an ESC is bad by using a multimeter?


Navy Wants Drone-Fighting Lasers On Trucks

The U.S. Navy has plans to add lasers onto all ground vehicles in order to combat any enemy drones they may encounter.

The U.S. Navy is currently looking to outfit their land-based trucks with lasers in order to combat drones. 

The Ground-Based Air Defense Directed Energy On-the-Move weapons program is looking to install lasers onto a variety of vehicles, including humvees and light tactical vehicles.

According to a press release by the Office of Naval Research, this weapons program “…aims to provide an affordable alternative to traditional firepower to keep enemy unmanned aerial vehicles from tracking and targeting Marines on the ground.” 

The use of drones in military settings is only increasi


RC Basics – Understanding Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

RC Basics – Understanding Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

To see more videos on RC power systems visit – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… To view the videos in the ‘Introduction to RC’ playlist visit – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… To view the video that covers shows throttle calibration routine – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOplk… To view the video that covers how I flashed SimonK firmware – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA2dB… In this video we cover the how an ESC works and what the main jobs of it are inside your model. We cover the standard settings that you will encounter in traditional firmwares, things like brake, advance, voltage cut-off, direction and timing. We cover a few of the standard firmware types like SimonK and BLHeli. We talk about what OneShot is. We then finish by discussing the various types of battery Eliminator Circuits (BEC/UBEC) found in ESCs (Linear, Switching/switched, Optio/Opto). You can see the ESC calibration video here – In this video you can find – – Introduction (0:02) – How do ESCs work? (2:29) – Firmware types and OneShot (9:18) – Why do we need to calibrate the throttle? (14:32) – Types of BEC (1605) – Summary (19:03)


Drone Racing League 2017

The Drone Racing League​ is ON … and it looks awesome!
Who wants to follow this new sport on www.ridersmatch.com ?


Flying the TBS Vendetta racing drone-L49TdO_rIDY

ACLU Enrolls in Y Combinator _ Crunch Report-BTN7tXSt_8E


Watch These Siberian Tigers Completely Demolish a Drone

Drones present the world with many new options for manual labor, photography, , and a number of those uses. For these Siberian tigers, though, they represent the perfect toy.The tigers seem fascinated and confused by the drone, their reaction captured by the Chinese government’s CCTV. After spending some time bumping into each other while following it around, one downs it with a swipe and tries biting it, when causes it to start smoking vigorously.

Source: Watch These Siberian Tigers Completely Demolish a Drone


Fighting Bad Press: 7 Inspiring Examples of Drones Doing Good around the Globe | UAV Coach

One of the things we hear all the time about the drone industry is how lucrative everyone predicts it will be (not to mention how lucrative it already is). Article after article talks about projections for the future, and how VC investors are pouring money into drone startups.

Source: Fighting Bad Press: 7 Inspiring Examples of Drones Doing Good around the Globe | UAV Coach