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After Proposing $9 Billion Cut, Trump Making Salary Donation to Ed. Dept. – Politics K-12 – Education Week

President Donald Trump plans to donate his $100,000 salary for this quarter to the agency, to help pay for a camp focused oN science, technology,

The Chromebook Crusades: How to Win the War Against Technology

I always knew there was a place for technology in my classroom—and not just for typing papers. Yet when my school district began to push for in

Cloud Firewall and Load Balancers Maintenance

Jul 26, 19:13 UTCResolved – This maintenance is done. Thank you for your patience while we had this performed. All Cloud Firewall and Load Ba

Facebook is funding a project to fight election hacking and propaganda

… and information providers from hackers and propaganda attacks, the world’s … after the term for malicious hackers, is aimed mainly at

CRN Exclusive: Cradlepoint CEO On Meraki Being Cisco’s Biggest Competitor, SD-Perimeter Technology And An $89M Channel Investment

Cradlepoint CEO George Mulhern tells CRN that his company is going in and winning deals over major networking vendors and software-defined WAN pl

Share Icons With Hover Effects (All CSS)

See the Code - See it Full Page - See Details This Pen uses: Pug, Sass, JavaScript,

Trend In Oil Storage Continues To Favor The Bulls

… you will find our HFI Research offering to be even more … Powered by WPeMatico

How to Run Doom on Your Raspberry Pi Without an Emulator

Want to enjoy some awesome retro gaming, alone or with friends? Fancy teaming up online for some awesome monster blasting first-person shooter

Bringing deep learning to big screen animation

Modern films and TV shows are filled with spectacular computer-generated sequences computed by rendering systems that simulate the flow of light

NASA’s Terra Satellite catches the end of Tropical Depression Kulap

NASA’s Terra satellite passed over Tropical Depression Kulap as the storm was winding down in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. Strong wind shea