Nikola Tesla’s UFO & Alien Encounters – YouTube

Patreon:…Twitter: Many individuals consider, that the brightest human of our trendy age, was not in truth Einstein… However was truly a person who died penniless and alone, with solely his pigeons for firm. A person who glided by the identify, Nikola Tesla.When Einstein was as soon

Do We Solely See A Fraction Of Actuality? – YouTube

Patreon:…Steemit: How does an phantasm work? Have you ever ever contemplated the implications of this fairly peculiar of experiences?There’s numerous philosophers, scientists, and lots of different people, from many alternative fields of examine, who’ve, all through their lengthy and profitable careers, come to the conclusion that

The Huge Megaliths Of Yangshan – YouTube

Patreon:…Steemit: On a lot of events, we now have lined the unexplainable remnants left by a civilisation, which as soon as undoubtedly flourished right here upon this planet, a real mysterious historical past, one we now have been devoted to unravelling. Applied sciences or spectacular strategies

Historical “Multi Dimensional Paint” Discovered In China? – YouTube

Patreon:…Steemit: Because the starting of time, man has searched for various, and extra unique supplies, to be used throughout the pigments used of their artwork.From easy cave work, many tens of hundreds of years in the past, to the perfection seen from masters throughout the renaissance,

2000 12 months Outdated “Phone” Discovered In Chimu? – YouTube

Patreon:…Steemit: 165fvSvfTnmU6dNz5XtHUEmfheMMCdED2q Discovered within the ruins of Chan Chan, Peru. This delicate, but clearly astonishing historic communication gadget, was made almost 2000 years in the past, by a tradition hardly ever talked about inside mainstream archaeology.The cup and string phone is a tool used throughout the

Hubble Takes Picture Of Pyramid On The Moon? – YouTube

Patreon:…Steemit: 165fvSvfTnmU6dNz5XtHUEmfheMMCdED2q Why did we never go back to the moon? Undoubtedly man’s greatest achievement, a feat which has apparently, never been attempted again.There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the moon missions, some for good reasons and others not so…A mission to the moon or indeed

Ancient Giants Found Buried In Alaska? – YouTube

Patreon:…Steemit: 165fvSvfTnmU6dNz5XtHUEmfheMMCdED2q Alaska, Americas largest and most sparsely populated state. Although, that may not have always been the case, we have previously covered many compelling accounts, reports, excavations, even photographs of this mysterious race.It seems no matter where you turn within controversial archaeological fields, you will