Shocking UFO Encounter Will Leave You Speechless! – YouTube

Shocking UFO/Alien Encounter Will Leave You Speechless! On September 16th, 1994, at the Ariel primary school in Zimbabwe, over 60 school children described seeing a disc-shaped craft land behind the school. Some of them reported observing two strange beings near the object. One appeared to approach the group. They said

September 23rd, Have Your Food And Water Prepared And Let The Unprepared Fight It Out – YouTube

September 23rd 2017 may be just another day and likely that will be the case but you should already be prepared in case something big does go down and then you’re prepared. Remember the study that 80 percent of the population would be gone in a year, don’t be part

Shocking September 23rd Revelation! (It’s Just Days Away People) – YouTube

September 23rd, 2017 end times revelation is days away, will something crazy happen or will it mark the begging of sorrows. For more about the video and guest please visit this link…Got any videos or pictures you would like to share?

Mandela Effect! Is CERN Changing Our Past? Check This Out – YouTube

Mandela Effect! Is CERN changing our past? Many people believe that Nelson Mandela died in prison, well that turned out to be false. There are many other instances where people believe something is changing our past. Links to the video and guest are here…