Someone made a Iron Throne phone charger and it’s about as cool as it gets

Everywhere you go in life, there’s bound to be someone more talented than you. And that’s okay. Take YouTuber Natural Nerd, who recently designed their own Iron Throne from Game of Thrones phone charger. It’s far cooler than any “hipRead more…

Governments have to invest in the fourth industrial revolution | Larry Elliott

Despite the unprecedented speed of current breakthroughs investment is weak and money is either stashed away or distributed to shareholders Prepare for the age of the driverless car and the robot that does the housework. That was the message fromRead more…

Israele: un drone vola vicino a pista di atterraggio e il pilota se ne vanta sui social

Una delle maggiori preoccupazioni dei piloti di linea è quella di trovarsi un drone in fase di decollo o atterraggio. Non a caso i principali costruttori di droni, hanno implementato sistemi software per impedire il volo dei loro oggetti neiRead more…

Project Wing testing a new delivery drone in Australia

Project WingTwo very interesting things to come out of a Canberra Times report all about Google X testing their Separate Lift Thrust (SLT) delivery drone in Australia. Firstly, the design has changed a bit. It has fourteen yes count them fourteen motors, twelve for lifting and two for forward flight. Also, note the pitot tube stuck […]

World of Drones Congress in Australia is a month away, and the lineup looks brilliant

Looking for an excuse to go to Australia?

The World of Drones Congress is coming to Brisbane, Australia this August, and the lineup looks brilliant. The conference is August 31 through September 2, with a bonus pre-Congress day of workshops on August 30.

The speaker lineup is the most diverse group of people I’ve seen at a conference yet, coming in from all over the globe and from a variety of industries. There’s Kathryn Cook, Facebook’s technical program manager for the Aquila drone project, DJI’s Director of Education Romeo Durscher, renowned conservationist Professor Lian Pin Koh and more.

The day before the conference officially starts will be a day of workshops, including the one I’m most excited about — a cinematography class by XM2, the same team that made the drone shots in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”pirates of the caribbean xm2 drone johnny depp

There will also be panelists, including Flying Ag Australia owner Meg Kummerow, a leader in drones for agriculture who was named one of Queensland’s Top 20 under 40 the Red Cross’s Aarathi Krishnan, and yours truly, who will be talking about the global drone economy alongside DaVinci Institute futurist Thomas Frey and Silicon Valley Robotics managing director Andra Keay,

Beyond the workshops and panels, there will be other events, including a design a drone competition for students

The conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Registration is open now.

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Southern Cross Group Signs MoU with the Institute for Drone Technology

southern crossSouthern Cross Group and The Institute for Drone Technology sign MoU to investigate the practical deployment of Drone Technology across its Security and Facility portfolios. Southern Cross Group is proud to announce the milestone signing of a partnership agreement with “The Institute for Drone Technology”. This keystone partnership will allow Southern Cross Group to explore […]

Come friendly robots and take our dullest jobs | John Naughton

As the legal chatbot DoNoPay shows, automation may only affect the repetitive parts of white-collar work. The middle classes can breathe again We are currently going through one of those periodic phases of “automation anxiety” when we become convinced thatRead more…

Bugs 2W B2W Long Range FPV Drone Test Flight Review

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaZnmt4Z5Dk
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A little laugh – DIY Chickens

A little laugh with a joke  starring my chickens, Penny and Pepsi 🙂

 Oh yes, even chickens may benefit from Arduino tech.

Next step : make ardurover find the path to the chickens house, then recognize if eggs are layed and pick up them up Can DEVs take care of that in a next release ? 🙂

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DroneLife Launches YouTube Channel

DroneLife is excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel: DroneLife TV. The aim is to take our industry expertise and objective journalism into the medium of video. We’re starting with some simple product profiles that will accompany news articles and features, but the long-term goal is to upload in-depth reviews and interviews […]

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