The Failing Obamacare Insurance Market

The Failing Obamacare Insurance Market

The Trump Administration recently announced that the number of health insurance issuers that initially filed to sell Obamacare plans in 2018 is only about half as many as the number that originally wanted to participate in 2016. The 38 percent decline from last year alone means, once again, that a vast number of Americans who had coverage will not be able to keep their plans.

These numbers underscore the need for decisive action from Congress to protect Americans from the continued failure of Obamacare. The Trump Administration understands that we are talking about more than numbers – these are real people facing a real crisis.

Obamacare forces Americans to choose from fewer options or pay the IRS for the right to go without. This further limits their access to the doctors and healthcare services they need and places an excessive burden on individuals and families – particularly those who are in real need of quality, dependable coverage.

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