8-bit Frogger game on a digital microfluidics device

OpenDrop V2 is an updated design for an open-source digital microfludics platform, which was initiated by GaudiLabs in Luzern, Switzerland and developed in collaboration with several communities including hackteria | open source biological art, BioFlux and digi.bio. The device is part of a much larger ecosystem focused around digital biology with hopes of making personal lab automation accessible to everyone. OpenDrop runs on […]

7 months ago

Save pangolins

Pangolins now are facing critical crisis as they are closing to extinct. In fact, humans are the murderers of this disaster, superstition and greed are the main reason to cause this massacre.
Pangolins, the mammals covered in tough and overlapping scales, are actually far from aggressive. Their scales provide good defense against predators in wild. However, they’re considered the world’s most hunted animal because people believe that the meat is prized for medicinal ingredient and the scales help curl impotence.
Nowadays, the numbers of pangolins are less and less, some people eat them only for the reason of showing their ostentatious wealth, what they do to these helpless animals is to make them approach to endangered. Although International trade in pangolins has been banned by CITES since 2000; and are listed them as ‘protected species’ in most Asian home states, scaly anteaters are still threaten with smuggling and poaching. Pangolins’ disappear would not be the result we expect to see, only when strictly implement of law enforcement on punishing these poachers and pangolin-eaters would effectively bring down the crisis of extinction. This is our latest chance to save pangolins, and please never make science predictions come true.

Pangolin is a really skillful and difficult work that I have spent a lot of time on it. It has been passed at least six editions before presenting to all of you. What I was trying to challenge is an artwork with both perfect appearance and function. It was a little struggle for me to share this work at the beginning since I’ve fallen in love with it when it’s first done and stood in front of me. At this moment, what I am wondering more is to let you firsthand it, holding and feeling the variation with actions. Enjoy and I believe you’ll like it.

Same file will be uploaded to http://fastlab.tw/, (Institute for Information Industry, III), which is a 3D works sharing website, welcome all 3D players upload your works and have fun here!

Special thanks to Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp. for providing dedicated color materials (ABS) and supporting on this creation.

Design Software – SketchUp
my settings
z resolution 0.2mm
scale 100%
Don’t printing all models are small then 75% of original model size,
and set up 0.15mm layer resolution.





同樣的檔案我也分享於 http://fastlab.tw/ 這是台灣資訊策進會的3D分享網頁,希望各位3D玩家也能慢慢豐富這個地方。

感謝 新光合成纖維股份公司 訂製專用顏色之3D列印材料贊助本作品創作。


7 months ago

Yet ANOTHER Machine Vise

This is a quite robust 3d-printable machine vise. It’s 100% 3d-printed – no screw or other piece of hardware is needed to hold the individual pieces together. Pieces clip and snap together.

It’s a demonstration that it is very important to consider forces and material properties already when designing a mechanical object. Hints about proper design are presented in my video:


The video also includes explanations how to assemble this vise.

For 3d-printing it’s recommended to print 3 shell layers. 35% infill is sufficient. All the forces for clamping a workpiece are only active at the outer surface – more infill doesn’t make the vise more robust. Layer height is 0.15 mm (maybe screws are better printed with 0.1mm layers). No support material needed. Printed with 0.4 mm nozzle.

Assembly: https://jig.space/view?jig=1216 (thanks to http://www.thingiverse.com/greenlig)
Designed with Fusion 360: http://a360.co/2juhSUG

If there are difficulties to print the threaded rods vertically, I’ve designed a version of the sliding jaw with horizontally printed rods: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2123529

7 months ago

An experimental game with a conductive rubber band controller

RubberArms is an experimental rubber band game, created by Robin Baumgarten at the Global Game Jam 2017 in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. The controller uses a conductive rubber cord from Adafruit that changes resistance as it’s stretched. This resistance is measured by an Arduino Micro/Leonardo (or a Teensy 3.2), which acts as a USB joystick sending signals to Unity3D. (The game is coded […]

7 months ago

The Soda Locker

With books being replaced by electronic alternatives and sugary drinks in short supply, this custom locker has come to the rescue. After a conversation with a few friends about an idea he had for a vending machine that fit entirely inside of a locker, high school student Blake Hawkins decided to actually make it a reality. His […]

7 months ago

Join Arduino Education at Bett 2017

Arduino Education is a worldwide-leading school initiative bringing technology into the hands of teachers and students to create a more inventive learning environment. Arduino will be exhibiting Creative Technologies in the Classroom 101 (CTC 101), the latest addition to its one-of-a-kind STEAM program, at Bett 2017, held January 25-28 in London. CTC 101 is a […]

7 months ago

Build an automatic cat treat dispenser with Hummingbird

The Hummingbird by BirdBrain Technologies is an Arduino AtHeart microcontroller designed to enable beginners to create robots from craft materials. Hummingbird kits include LEDs, motors, and sensors that connect directly to the board. This eliminates the need for soldering or breadboarding and ensures that users have the parts they need to build their first robots. […]

7 months ago

uArm Swift is an open-source robotic assistant for your desktop

Need a hand? The UFACTORY team has got you covered with the uArm Swift, an open-source robotic assistant for your desktop. The four-axis uArm Swift is a smaller and sleeker version of the company’s original device from 2014. Based on an Arduino Mega, the robot is capable of lifting 500 grams (1.1 pounds) with a working range of 5 to 32 centimeters (2 to 12.6 […]

7 months ago

Make your reflex punching bag interactive with Arduino

A traditional reflex bag is meant to help improve your punch accuracy and timing. However, Carl Gordon decided to make his a bit more interactive and gamified using an Arduino Uno. As you can see in the video below, his setup adds four LEDs to the device to tell the user which side of the bag to punch, […]

7 months ago

IR thermometer hacked into an IR camera

Using several clever hacking techniques, Niklas Roy can make thermal images using a “simple” thermometer. True IR (infrared) cameras are still too expensive for many of us, but if you’d just like to know the temperature of something at a distance, IR thermometers aren’t that costly. In theory, if you were to take readings in […]

7 months ago

Hidden Figures – Friendship 7

Portraits of NASA mathematicians Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson in bas relief on the Friendship 7 capsule. The story of these African-American women’s pivotal role in the first orbit of the Earth by an American is told in the book and movie Hidden Figures.

The model is easily recognizable as a space capsule but only when it is lit from inside do these ‘hidden figures’ fully reveal themselves. This model symbolizes the invisible but vital contribution African-American women made to the early space program.
There are three version of this model.
v1 One piece model of Friendship 7 with portraits in bas relief on exterior.
v2 Two piece model of Friendship 7 with portraits in bas relief on exterior.
v3 Two piece model of Friendship 7 with portraits engraved from interior.

The appearance of the portraits with backlight (lithophane) depends on a variety of factors including scale factor, slicing settings, filament opacity and light source. Experimentation and test prints are required. These models are suitable for remixing for a variety of projects. Example photos are from model scaled at 60% for use as a nightlight.

Visit my blog http://DesignMakeTeach.com for more great designs and articles about 3D printing and making in the classroom. Or contact me on Twitter @DesignMakeTeach

7 months ago

Bookcase automatically opens to reveal secret lair

A secret lair isn’t much fun if it’s a pain to get into, so Instructables user SPECTREcat decided to automate his hidden doors using an Arduino Uno. This drives four linear actuators via a MultiMoto shield, which both pull and turn the bookshelf in such a way that the books stay in place. When opening, […]

7 months ago

Headphone Stand

The MakerBot Headphone Stand went through the same design process used in professional design and engineering industries. Multiple design iterations and 3D prints led to the final fully 3D printable headphone stand.

The full size stand prints beautifully without any supports and perfectly matches the Replicator+ build volume.

Designer Jackson Seidenberg uses two of these stands at home for his Logitech G930 and Astro a50 headphones.

7 months ago

Ep. 124 – Open Source Newbie (Shubheksha Jalan)

Shubheksha shares her experience contributing to open source, why it took her two years to contribute in a meaningful way, and how working on open source has boosted her confidence and sharpened her skills. Show Links Flatiron School (sponsor) Hover (sponsor) Zip Code Wilmington (sponsor) Shoutouts Sponsored Shoutout: Hover (Saron) Sponsored Shoutout: Zip Code (Saron) Sponsored Shoutout: Flatiron School (Saron) BubbleSort Zines (Shubheksha) Julia Evans (Shubheksha) Google Summer of Code (Saron) Outreachy (Saron)

7 months ago

Dot² isn’t your typical coffee table

Coffee tables are useful for putting coffee, food, or perhaps way too much junk on, but it’s 2017—we can do better than that! Akshay Baweja certainly has at least with Dot², an interactive piece of furniture that can run animations, display lighting effects, and play old-school games. The Arduino Mega-based table features a matrix of 296 LEDs that shine up […]

7 months ago

Ep. 123 – Rails Girls Summer of Code (Laura Gaetano)

Before becoming a developer, Laura had a number of job titles, including music blogger, DJ, and maid. But it was a Rails Girls workshop that brought her back to the world of web that she fell in love with many years ago. Now, as a manger at the Travis Foundation, she gets to help introduce other women to tech through the Rails Girls Summer of Code, one of the many initiatives she runs. She tells us more about what it’s like to be a scholar in the program, the power of doing meaningful work on open source projects, and how she reconnected with the web and became a developer. Show Links The Iron Yard (sponsor) Zip Code Wilmington (sponsor) Travis Foundation Travis CI Fund Club Google Summer of Code Discourse Sinatra Exercism.io Katrina Owen Your First PR Women Who Code Girl Develop It Shoutouts Sponsored Shoutout: Zip Code (Saron) Sponsored Shoutout: The Iron Yard (Saron) Space Probes (Laura) Seventy-nine Short Essays on Design (Laura) Rails Girls thank you video (Saron)

7 months ago

Git Merge scholarships and more

Brussels will play host to Git Merge 2017 in February, and planning is already well underway. We’re building Git Merge…

7 months ago

Ep. 122 – The Ethics of Coding (Bill Sourour)

Bill Sourour was twenty-one when he was asked to build a website for a pharmaceutical company. It was a quiz that asked users to select symptoms so that it could recommend a drug as a possible solution. But for almost every option the user selected, the quiz would recommend the same drug. It didn’t feel right, but when Bill later heard that a side effect of the drug was depression and a young woman who had taken that drug had committed suicide, it felt very, very wrong. Bill tells us the story of his first code-related ethical conflict, his thoughts on the ethical responsibility of coders, and how the incident affects how he approaches code today. Show Links Flatiron School (sponsor) Zip Code Wilmington (sponsor) Dev Mastery IEEE Code of Ethics ACM Code of Ethics Michael Lewis’ Flashboys Not Just Code Monkeys – Martin Fowler talk Shoutouts Sponsored Shoutout: Flatiron School (Saron) Sponsored Shoutout: Zip Code (Saron) Algorithm Visualizer by Jason Park (Bill) The Future of Programming by Bob Martin (Bill) The code I’m still ashamed of (Saron) neveragain.tech (Saron) Be Careful What You Code For (Saron)

7 months ago

Visualize your project’s community

A new graph is available in the Graphs tab to visualize your repository’s data. You can now explore how repositories that contain Ruby gems relate to other repositories on GitHub.

8 months ago

Search commit messages

You can now search for commits from either the main search page or within a repository. Quickly discover who removed…

8 months ago